About the Writer…

My name is Melissa, and I’m a writer, marketer, and content strategist. Melissa-LinkedIn

After graduating from a top five college with a degree in Religion, I realized I was completely under or overqualified for nearly every job out there. So naturally I decided I’d paint henna tattoos and work in a natural foods store for the rest of my life.

Then I discovered WordPress, and everything changed.

WordPress opened the doors to a magical land of digital marketing and sales, and I stumbled upon an innate passion (and talent) for helping small and medium size businesses grow.

That was around 2011-2012, and since then I’ve worked with tech startups, natural and consumer products companies, SMB consultancies, and nonprofits on numerous projects ranging from high-level branding and marketing strategy to individual case studies and sales letters.

I love working with companies that, in their own way, are changing the world for the better – whether that’s by helping sales teams become more efficient, or by crafting pure and natural skincare products that don’t wreak havoc on the earth.

I’ve always found creative ways to market and sell my services, and I love doing the same for my clients, which include PersistIQ, Skaled, Salesfolk, Ellovi, ICDC College, Healthworks, and Peyote Moon.

Please see my writing samples page for examples of my work.